Autumn Term 2021   

We Have Lift Off !



We shall be investigating planets, our solar system as well as using  watercolours to create our own planets.

Create a constellation challenge !


Black History Month in October we are looking at welsh icons including Betty Campbell. Go and look her up if you are not sure who she is !



Have you ever wondered ?

Why do planets have craters? How do levers help us? How does the moon move? How do rockets lift off? How do we know the Earth is round? Can we track the Sun? 





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Summer Term 2021


Summer Term's topic



 I hope that it will be another busy, enjoyable term with lots of enthusiasm and hard work

Don't Forget Dosbarth Efydd!!

Please remember to bring your games kit in on Tuesday and don't forget to bring your reading book with you EVERY day!


Click on the Active Learn lick above to log on to practise your maths skills and complete your Maths homework tasks.


Click on the link above and choose your target list of words.
Then try the 'Spelling Test', 'Teach Me', or 'Play A Game' link.

Brazilian Carnival Day!

To end out Brazil topic we planned a Rio style Carnival. We made all our own decorations to decorate our classroom and the yard. Wearing our masks that we designed and made, we performed our Samba Band composition and celebrated with lots of Brazilian music and dance around the yard.

The sun certainly shone just like in the streets of Rio de Janeiro!!

Our Playground Project

The Fire service pay us a visit!

A special thank you to the fire service who came in today to show us some the amazing technology they use to help save our lives in the variety of emergencies they have to deal with. They even let us all have a go at using the hose!! A super soaker indeed!!!

Rainforest Roadshow!

A huge thank you to Nigel for presenting the Rainforest Roadshow. We learnt lots more information about the different ways we can all help to save the rainforest from being destroyed. Let's see if we can all do our bit to save them and in turn the entire planet!!

Sports Day 2021

Certainly a different sports day this year and well done designing the activities to take part in. Congratulations to everyone who took part and special congratulations to Row 3 who came first with Row 2 and 1 in joint second place.

Teentech National Showcase Finals

Well done everyone that took part in this year's Teentech challenge. Special congratulations to Alisha, Rhys Evan for getting through to the National finals. Well done on all your hard work, you were a credit to yourselves and the school.


Spring Term 2021

Spring Term's topic is:




Spring Term Activities 

Friday Golden/Screen Free Tasks

Well done everyone! We are now almost at 80 Golden/Screen Free tasks completed! I've speeded them up a little bit so it doesn't take so long to scroll through them all. If you're stuck for ideas there's plenty to choose from here!!

It would be even better to see some new faces up there next week.


St David's Day 2021 - Eisteddfod entries.

Here are some of the entries to the St David's Day Eisteddfod competitions. Class results are as follows:

In our class competition in 4th place with 6 points was Cynwyd.

In Third place with 9 points was Cwm du.

In Second place with 15 Points was Llynfi

But in First place with a runaway score of 27 points was Cadrawd!!

Whole school results to follow...

Well done to all those that entered any of the competitions!

I was disappointed no-one entered the singing competition!!


Autumn Term 2020

Autumn Term's topic was:

Lights!  Camera!  Action!



Autumn Term's Activities

Here are the Christmas Card competition entries!

Well done and thank you to all those that entered the Christmas card competition.

And...          ...the...       ...winner...         ...was...                                                                                                               Wyatt!

A 'Special' visitor pays us a visit today!

A socially distanced Santa paid us a visit today to come and check if any of the children need to do some extra work to get themselves off the 'naughty list'!

Many thanks, Father Christmas and stay safe on your travels on the 24th December!!

Here are the entries for the Christmas Tree decoration competition!

Well done and thank you to all those that entered the Christmas tree decoration competition. My wife and children judged the competition and found it extremely difficult!

But.........  In reverse order the winners are..........      In joint 3rd place were...      Dakota, Sam St and Alisha!           In joint 2nd place were...           Katie and Joseph!      But in 1st place...                                 Evan        and      Ava!!

Sorry for the wait, just trying to build the tension!!!


This week's Seren Yr Wythnos!!

Ava, Ciaran and Evan for their efforts in Maths!

Gary Kenifick (gkenifick) on: This week's Seren Yr Wythnos!!

This week's Seren yr Wythnos!!

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A final visit from PC Beaumont

A very special thank you to PC Beaumont for visiting us for the final time!

A very important message was shared about being positive citizens and how your actions now can have an important effect on your future. So make sure you make the right decisions now which with have a positive effect on your future.

May we all with you good luck and all the very best for the future!!


Two New Presenters today!!

Thank you so much girls for your really informative presentation on type one diabetes. I know I learnt an awful lot! Well done you both worked really hard preparing your presentation.


Our Black History Month Presentations

Well done to you all creating your PowerPoint presentations and presenting them to the class. I know you were all nervous but you were all much improved following the advice given by the class and watching your videos back. It'll be even easier next time round!


Handling Data in our Maths Investigations!

You've decided on your investigation, drawn your tally and frequency table and collected the data. Now choose a graph and draw it so you can think of questions to ask about our investigation.


Rehearsing our lines for our Fantastic Mr Fox Playscripts

The children have been studying Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr Fox and creating their own playscripts based on the story. Parts are sorted and rehearsals are underway in preparation to perform their scenes to the class.