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Dosbarth Melyn 




Mrs Young would like to welcome you and your families to our class page.


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Reading and Spelling

We use Read Write Inc to support the teaching of spelling and reading.

Keep using those speed sound charts to improve !

Read Write Inc., Complex Speed Sounds A4 Chart by HarryAndrews ...


Some words we read are 'tricky' or 'red' words.

These are the words we need to learn by sight.

How many do you already know ?


Making sure we are ready to learn is very important to help us be the best that we can be ! 

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Being in school on time, ready to learn, every day is our aim in Dosbarth Melyn.

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Are you ready to reach for the stars ? 

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Support and Guidance

Please do not hesitate to call in if you need  help or guidance.


 Dosbarth Melyn


Summer Term 2023

Mrs Lewis-Sullivan

Mrs Bowen

Mrs Abbiss

Mrs Evans



Our topic this term is

Around the World in 80 Days!

Focus Country-Italy

We have had a special visitor to Dosbarth Melyn! Pinocchio came to ask for us to  help him to learn about Italy! 




In this project the children will learn about:

*Famous places in Italy

*Map Reading

*Italian Customs

*Italian Food

*Art and Music

*Places of Worship

We will also be developing our Expressive Art skills by exploring painting and printing techniques to create pictures.