Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs E Williams - Headteacher

Mrs M Young - Deputy Headteacher

Mr G. Kenifick

Mrs S Rees-Williams

Mrs R Dando

Foundation Phase (Infants)

Mrs M. Walters - Nursery - Dosbarth Coch

Mrs R Dando- Reception - Dosbarth Oren

Miss H Macarthur - Year 1/2  - Dosbarth Melyn

Mrs S Rees-Williams - Year 2 - Dosbarth Gwyrdd

K.S.2 Lower School


Mrs S Lewis-Sullivan - Year 3 - Dosbarth Porffor

Mrs R Harvey - Year 4 - Dosbarth Glas

K.S.2 Upper School

Mr G Kenifick - Year 4/5 - Dosbarth Efydd

Mrs M Young - Year 5/6 - Dosbarth Arian

Mr P Chapman - Year 6 - Dosbarth Aur

Office Staff

Mrs S Roberts - Senior Admin Officer

Mrs H Healy- Admin Assistant


Mrs L Morgan, Mrs N. Bowen, Mrs J Abbiss, Mrs S. Bowen , Mrs E. Carter,

Miss A Jones  and Mrs J. Spracklen, Mrs C Harding and Mrs S Preston.


Mrs C. Williams and Miss R. Williams


Mr G. Saunders - Site Manager

Mrs C. Francis - School Cook